Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Friday

As I mentioned recently, I've been in the mood to do some scrapbooking lately - so here's a very random page.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Sock, Two Socks...

So I finished the first Hedera sock. These are gift socks, so I'm not going to name them, mostly because I should have enough yarn leftover to knit myself at least a pair of ankle socks and I've got a name I'd like to use already. It's a little unsettling to knit socks that you can't try on, but I shall remain cautiously optimistic. (sock recipient wears a sz 5 shoe...I wear a 9.5 or 10) I'm not thrilled with the way the yarn pooled - I was hoping it would be variegated, but what are you gonna do? Besides, it's Shaeffer who really cares what it does? It feels fantastic!

This week also sees the finale of a pair of socks that are very dear to me. I don't know why I let them go on for so long (nearly a year), but I am so glad they are finally finished! Here are my Hagrid socks:
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Petrified Wood
Pattern: Mock Crock Socks from KnitPicks

This week I also received my order from Kathy at Crippenworks and I couldn't be happier! I ordered one of her circular needle cases and it is exactly what I was hoping for. As many of you knitters know, there aren't tons of options for good circular needle cases, but I would highly recommend this one. The quality is fantastic and Kathy uses fun vintage buttons, too.

And here is Ethan's contribution to the picture-taking:

Friday, April 06, 2007

Yard Work

A few snapshots of the Yard Work...this week I also put in 48 petunias, so imagine those filling in the blank spaces.

Here's the front bed:

On the other side of this is a small shade bed that has stuff already in it - but I did add this painted fern:

I put two of these May Night Salvias in the big front bed:

Then put these at the corner of the house - don't remember what they are:

Then Greg and I put in all of this down the side of the house...there was nothing there before. Golden Euonymous, Dwarf English Lavender and Purple Fountain Grass:

Here's the Golden Euonymous up close:

Then I have two of these hanging baskets hanging off the deck:

Finally, a pretty shot of the tree in our front yard. They seem quite common in this area, but no one can tell me what it is. Anyone know?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Spring has sprung here in the Mid-South. We spent the weekend with the Yard Work (pics forthcoming), but I'm feeling a little Springish with the knitting as well. I even have appropriately-colored items for the new Project Spectrum colors as well. Behold:

Project: a very plain shrug - it's a Berroco pattern and I'm too lazy to get the info right this minute
Yarn: Berroco Love It in Lawn

Project: the Monica tank from the latest Knitty
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic

Project: Hedera socks (will be a gift)
Yarn: Schaefer Anne