Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Big Day!!

It's finally here!! My sister is coming! And so is my new desk!! Actually, my desk should arrive first - Greg is supposed to go over to Rod and Linda's to get it at 10:00. It's spot in the Riff Raff Room is all ready and waiting! I know I've seen the desk many times, but can't remember the exact configuration. I'm not sure how many drawers it has and don't know if the main drawer has any dividers or not. If not, I'd like to get one of those inserts so everything isn't rolling around together.

Karen should be here around noon! I hope she has an easy drive. While I wish she could have gotten here last night, I certainly understand why she didn't want to make the whole drive at night. Besides, I can't get to my scrap stuff until the new desk is here and I can put everything house is STILL a mess.

Speaking of which, here's what I need to do this morning:

-unload dishwasher and reload with dirty dishes
-hand-wash anything that can't go in the dishwasher
-wipe down counter
-wipe down bathroom
-put away toys in living room
-vaccuum living room rug
-put away all the stuff on the dining room table (that came out of Riff Raff Room)

Better get to it. But just for good measure...

Friday, May 27, 2005

A Brand New Day

A new day, a new blog. Isn't it nice to have options?

Mid-post on my former blog, I realized that I've never really been happy with its format. So I thought to myself, "Why not change?" No one was making me stay there...if I'm gonna do it, I might as well be happy with it, right?

So here we are. Picking up where I left off, here's what I had already typed on the aforementioned blog:

Well, it's nice to know that my old friend, Mr. Blog, hasn't gone anywhere. I love the idea of writing something every day - I really do. And I have the best of intentions. Truly! I just don't usually have much to say. There. That's the sad, honest truth. I don't know if anyone reads this besides me. Well, I know I've given a few people the link, but I doubt they are obsessively clicking Refresh multiple times a day, just waiting for me to post!

Anyhoo...the kids are eating dinner and I have no idea what Greg and I will eat. As I told Rosemary earlier, I wish someone would figure out what to feed ME for a change. Sure would make one tiny part of life easier.

The house still needs to be cleaned, in preparation for Karen's arrival. Manage to fritter the day away yet again. Made a WalMart run for a new shower curtain liner and bath mat for the tub. Can't have my sister seeing my icky tub/shower accessories. They really are clean, but that horrid black mildew stain just doesn't go away after a while, kwim? Had other things I needed at WalMart so it all worked out in the end.

My new-to-me scrapping desk will be coming tomorrow, hopefully! I told Greg I'd do nearly anything if he'll go get it tomorrow morning. I did clear a space for it in my Riff Raff Room, but unfortunately, that means that the other half of the room is piled high until the desk is in place and I can put things away. I still need to take the ironing board down to the basement and put away all the scrapping stuff that is sitting on it at the moment. I'm also toying with the idea of taking the door off the Riff Raff Room. It was never meant to have a door. As best we can tell, it may have been some sort of sun porch or something - but the "doorway" is the same width as the passage between the dining room and living room. They must have just had a custom door made. Pity they didn't get a nice one. It's hollow and has been hit with something (at some point before we moved in) - so there's a lovely break in it. Yes, it's great to have a door to close on that room - but the room does have a lot of natural light, which is something this house sorely lacks. Food for thought.

Thus endeth my first entry in a new place.