Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Not a great start

Not a great start to the week, to start it with a cold in 100-degree weather. Thought I was being all smart and thoughtful keeping Ethan home from church Saturday night because I thought he was getting a cold...had the sneezing, runny nose and red eyes and I do try to be sensitive about not sharing germs in the nursery...turns out *I* got the cold instead. It's certainly not the worst cold I've ever had - it's just that it sucks the life out of you. The sinus head, the pounding headache, the swollen glands and sore neck that goes with them, only being able to breathe out of one nostril...ugh.

Also frustrating, I haven't exersized since last Thursday. Now it's a major step that I can honestly say that this bugs me - so I guess that's good news. I feel like my original routine got interrupted by our trip to St. Louis and now my second attempt at a starting an exercise routine has been foiled by this cold. I just wanna WALK!! I think I'll try tomorrow. I know I didn't have the energy for it today.

The exciting thing is that my new 3-mile Walk Away the Pounds video came today! They do use the resistance belt - I wasn't sure if they did or not. I'm not going to buy one. I did watch the video to see what all they do and you could easily use handweights in lieu of the resistance belt. I just can't justify spending $20 on it right now. Besides, I think the 3-mile workout is gonna kick my butt! The good news about having a cold is that it has certainly supressed my appetite.

I did decide last week that I'm going to have to stop buying certain foods. I can't buy cookies that I like for the kids anymore. I sabotage myself and grab a couple here and there all day long. And no more chocolate in the house regularly, either. If I want a special treat, I'll do much better buying a single serving of it instead - for instance, buying a regular pack of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups instead of the giant bag of mini ones. Who was I kidding? (shakes head) Myself apparently...

I'm eagerly awaiting a call from the library to let me know when I can pick up Harry Potter book 4 and the first two movies! Seems funny not to have anything to read at the moment.

Definitely need to get back to scrappy work soon. I need to finish the Getaway paper bag album and have a new for-hire one to start soon, too.

Got a very nifty ATC from Rosemary this week! I definitely want to make some more soon.

Better figure out what I can fix the kids for dinner.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A proud moment

Had to go run errands today - WalMart first, which was uneventful, then Target. I told Natalie twice that we were not getting a "special buggy" (the 2-seater carts) because the last few times we have, she and Ethan have clobbered each other and we all ended up screaming. Not good. So of course, the first thing she asks for when we get out of the car is a special buggy (rolls eyes). She starts the pre-fit when I remind her why we aren't getting one, and I give her the choice to either get in the back of a regular one or walk with me. She opts to stand in the parking lot, wailing. I gave her the choice again and let her know that if she didn't choose one, I would. She didn't, so I put her in the back of the buggy. She wailed all the way to the door and continued and even got worse inside. We stopped at the $1 section, right inside the door and she was screaming bloody murder by this point. I calmly reminded her of her choices, let her know that her fit was not acceptable and that if she couldn't calm down, we were going outside. She wailed that she wanted to walk, so I let her get down, but the screaming didn't stop. After one last try, I finally picked her up and carried her outside (while pushing Ethan in the buggy).

There was a bench near the entrance that was sort of shady, so I put her on it. I let her know that her fit was not acceptable and it made me very sad and it was rude to the people in Target. I told her I knew she was upset that we didn't get a special buggy, but reminded her that she had lost that priviledge. Then I sat on the bench and held her and she calmed down. I let her know that I love her very much. After some big hugs and some tickles, we were able to go in and do our shopping without incident.

The biggest moment, though, was the fact that her massive tantrum didn't even phase me! I didn't get stressed (even though everyone was obviously staring), I didn't threaten to spank...nothing. I just kept my voice calm and quiet and it was fine. Now if only my response could be like that all the time. (sigh)

Picked up a swimsuit at WalMart - have been wanting something colorful for a change. Finally found a mix & match tankini (separates) in the right size. Came home and tried it on...oh dear. EEK. Not good AT ALL. Top was just wrong all the way around...too small...horrible. The bottoms fit fine...they were just...well...awful. Showed every bulge and...(shudder)...can't talk about it anymore. Must take it back.

I also got a pair of cheap tennis shoes at Target. $25. Danskin Freestyle...very lightweight. The ones I had were fine...just wanted something new, but didn't want to spend $100. Maybe that could be a reward for reaching a big goal...new, good tennis shoes.

It's awfully quiet in the living room...I wonder if Natalie fell asleep in the chair...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Exercise Report, week of 7/18/05

Monday: none
Tuesday: 2 mile workout
Wednesday: 2 mile workout
Thursday: 2 mile workout with weights
Friday: weight training, upper body, modified regular/intensity program for time

Recovering from the weekend

Well, our trip to St. Louis was successful. We ended up leaving on Friday instead of Thursday, which was fine. Didn't matter to me either way. It was nice to catch up with Gordon & Ginny (Greg's parents) and Cori & Dave (his sister and BIL). The kids had fun with Aaron. On Saturday, I got to go visit Roberta for the afternoon!! She lives 25 minutes from Cori & Dave. I went while the kids were napping and while I know she would have liked to have seen them, it was a nice little break for me! Her kids are so cute and were so well-behaved. Gillian practically leapt into my arms before I was even through the front door, LOL! Roberta looks like she's about 18, which made me feel old. Tony had to go to work, so we loaded up her kids and she took me to Archivers. I've never been, so it was nice to see one in person. Wish we could have had more time, but I needed to get back to go to church. I'll definitely call again on future visits, though, if time allows!

Aaron's birthday party was Sunday afternoon, which was fine. Cori and Dave invite ALL their friends. I guess the upside for us is that it's the same circle of friend's they've had since they got married, so we've sort of gotten to know them a tiny bit over the years. At least enough to make small talk for a few minutes here and there. Ginny pretty much made all the food. We're not really sure why Cori and Dave feel compelled that these kiddie bday parties have to serve a complete buffet. There was BBQ brisket, chicken strips, pasta salad, regular salad, cheesy potato casserole, broccoli/rice/cheese casserole, fruit salad and then cake/ice cream. For 14 adults and 11 kids. Eek.

We ended up leaving after the party, which was fine. Probably better to drive at night anyway. The kids watched Milo & Otis a few times and then slept the rest of the way. Now we're just trying to get back in the swing of things. Natalie had tumbling yesterday morning and then we had to get groceries after. Today is just at home, I think. May run to the library later - we'll see. Otherwise, I really need to be scrappy since I'm behind in my art journal AND my Done & Dusted class...it's just a matter of finding motivation.

Anyone have any extra just lying around?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sore, but still going

As predicted, I'm a little sore from yesterday's work-out. Not bad - actually, it's that "pleasant" kind of sore - that reminds you that you did something good for yourself. Decided to do the 2-mile workout this morning, so I just finished that. Weights of choice today were two cans of green beans.

Now I need a shower.

Ethan is wailing pitifully in his crib. I think he needs to drop his morning nap, but most days he still sleeps for about an hour and then still takes an afternoon nap. Problem is, now he's not wanting to go down for his afternoon nap until 3 or 4. Looks like he won't be sleeping this morning, which throws off my showering plan. I don't like to leave them unattended if I can help it, especially now that Ethan can climb and can get into Greg's office. Ugh.

Better go see if I can convince Ethan to lie down long enough for me to take a very quick shower.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Exercise Report 7/11/05

Was going to walk, but it seems pointless since I'm expecting PetMed to call any time to tell me I can go pick up Maggie. Instead, I did the following (pardon any unknown terms, I don't know what to call some of these things):

Crunches w/Legs Up: 50
Leg Throws: 10
Cross-Crunches, right side: 25
Cross-Crunches, left side: 25
Push-Ups: 20

It's not much, I know. But this is the first time in nearly 8 years that I've done those types of exercises. So, all things considered...not terrible.

**Edited to add...I ROCK. Turns out that Greg decided to go get Maggie, which left me with a block of time. Or so I thought. I decided to do my Walk Away the Pounds tape before the kids woke up. Of course, they woke up the instant I walked back to the bathroom before exercising. (rolls eyes) For a moment I told myself, "What's the point in trying now? You should go eat a cookie!" But then I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. Might as well try. If the kids won't leave me alone enough to do the workout, no biggie - but I won't know if I don't try. MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH there! Decided to go for the gusto and do the 2-mile walk, which is a good workout for me. Enough to work up a sweat and have a few moments where I have to make the conscious decision to keep going. (these workouts do involve some arm movement with weights, fyi) Of course, I don't have weights less than 5 lbs, so in an effort to do something...anything...I grabbed two jar candles off the entertainment center and used those in place of weights. HA! Sort of added an aromatherapy aspect to the workout since I got a big whiff of vanilla every time my hands came near my face.

All that to say, I walked the equivalent of 2 miles (with added intensity from the weights) AND did some firming/toning work too. Huzzah!!

Another Monday

It's a dreary day here in middle Tennessee...remnants of Dennis, I suppose. The perfect kind of day for staying in bed with a book. If only my children could understand that. (sigh)

Speaking of books, 140 more pages to go until I finish LOTR: Return of the King. Guess my movie viewing still has to wait.

Was very excited this morning when I found out the groomer was willing to squeeze Maggie in! She's in such bad shape - she's molting really bad and has HUGE mats behind her ears. Of course, she needs all her shots, too, so it will cost us a pretty penny when we pick her up. I love dogs, I really do...I just wish they didn't incur any costs. I've got enough of my own.

Waiting (impatiently) for today's Done & Dusted assignment...really should go work on the Getaways paper bag book.

I could really go for a nap.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Another art journal page

Theme: Wait & See. "I've always hated being told 'wait & see.' But so much of life falls into that category. Sometimes I spend so much time resenting the fact that I have to wait and I fail to 'see' that my life is happening right in those moments. Carpe diem, folks."

New art journal page

Art journal topic from two weeks ago.

Scrappy Day

Today is my day to do some scrappy things. I cleaned up my scrap desk this morning - too much clutter! Still have stuff that doesn't belong there, but with a few projects in process, it's easier to leave some things out. Got the Getaways paper bag album stuff together in one pile, art journal stuff in another pile, Done & Dusted stuff in another pile. Also put completed LO's in the appropriate albums. Really need to find an 8.5x11 album. For now, those pages are sitting in the one I have reserved for another project, but at least they are off my work surface.

Did one art journal page and have another to do, plus the weekend spark, if I choose to do that. Most importantly, though, I need to do my Done & Dusted assignment. Don't want to fall behind since I'll be gone at the end of the week. I really like how my first page turned out. Different than I expected, in a way, but I like it. Better yet, I was able to use stuff I already had on hand!

Stayed up too late reading. It seemed innocent enough...I just wanted to finish the chapter.

Suppose I should straighten up the house today, too. Really need to vaccuum. Ick.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

A new project

Here is the title page for a new project - I'm doing Shimelle's "Done & Dusted" class (online).

Meeting New Friends

Met up with some new friends at the zoo this morning - friends from my Jan. 04 birth board. The board members are from all over the country (and a few international), but it just so happens that 4 of us are from Nashville! Sad thing is, this is the first time we've ever gotten together. All in all it was a good time - just hotter than heck. I knew we couldn't stay a long time - turns out Patrice and her crew left at the same time I did. I didn't want to pay the elevated prices for burgers and fries, plus I needed to get home since Greg was flying out this afternoon. Unfortunately, Ethan fell asleep on the way home and has fought a nap all afternoon. It's 5:00 now and he just fell asleep a few minutes ago. Natalie was obviously not going to sleep either, so she's sitting in the office with me until I tell her she can go. She was wailing and I didn't want her to wake Ethan up. Hopefully, they will go to bed a little early.

Had a good IM chat with Lisa about what she could do to help motivate me with the new healthy lifestyle. We came to the conclusion that I should start making note of how I'm feeling/what's going on when I feel the trigger to eat when I'm not really physically hungry. Well...I realized one a little while ago! (though I was actually hungry) With the kids both fussing/throwing fits about not taking naps and Natalie saying she needed to potty every 5 minutes, I was getting more and more frustrated because I was in the office trying to get something uploaded. I think the trigger was that my precious, beautiful children were not doing what *I* wanted them to do!! It was disrupting my plans and I was getting more and more annoyed. Good thing to note regardless of trying to change eating habits.

Friday, July 08, 2005

I did it!

I did it! I made it through Kroger without buying excessive amounts of junk! I know it's quite common for toddlers/small children to graze all throughout the day, but holy cow! My kids (especially Ethan) go through food at an astonishing rate! The trick is for me to not graze right along with them. So far it hasn't been bad, but we've been out of their usual snack foods.

I did get some blueberries today. Still surprises me that I like them.

Weekend already??

How? How does it go so fast?? Can someone tell me? I swear, as soon as I graduated from college, the years started whipping past. I fear it will only get worse from here on out.

Watched the trailer for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe this morning - check it out at http://www.narnia.com. I think I'll have to re-read the Chronicles soon. Good, good stuff.

Speaking of reading, I started LOTR: Return of the King last night. This one is off to a slower start than the other two...or it could just be that I was tired. I'm sure it will pick up soon. Must admit that I'm sorry now that I waited so long to read LOTR - I've been missing out. Think I'll rent The Two Towers (DVD) this weekend since Greg will be gone. There's no love lost between him and Tolkien. Fair enough - if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. I just wish he'd be quiet about it already! Geesh, go build a business or something...

I started a new for-hire paper bag album yesterday. I haven't really scrapped since I started reading LOTR, but it feels good to get back to it.

So far, so good with the resolve on better health. I'm not doing anything drastic. For now, I'm simply trying to eat smaller portions than I would have last week. And I'm walking on the treadmill. I'd say I'm drinking lots of water, but I always do, so that's not a change. I did blow it a bit last night with fast food (ate every last bit of it), but I need to go to the grocery store so I have some good snacks on hand so that doesn't happen again.

No big plans for today - shower soon, go to Kroger (ugh), walk or do yoga video (hmmm...which to do...) and work on the paper bag album. Should be a quiet day!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I've resolved (yet again...sigh) that I really must get back to exercising every day. I've never been consistent with it, but did get on a roll back in February or so and was walking for 20-30 minutes at least 5 days a week. Once I got started, I really enjoyed it and I'm not sure why I stopped. But since then, I've been slowly gaining weight again and lately I've just felt really funky. Hormonal, crabby, super tired and very displeased with myself in general. I tend to forget how much exercising can improve my mood. So this weekend, as I felt incredibly lethargic and icky, I decided that it's time to make some changes again.

Here we go again.

I've gotta stop buying junk food, start eating breakfast - specifically something with protein, and do some exercise every day. I'd really love to get to a point where I did my yoga video AND walk on the treadmill every day, but I'm willing to start with one or the other. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of my cycles being screwed up. I'm tired of being unhappy with my weight.

I guess I feel like everything is out of control right now. My weight/lack of exercise/tiredness/crabiness...my house is a wreck and I feel so unmotivated to do anything about it...Gotta make some changes. Why is the simple act of starting so hard?

So today, I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Not protein, but at least it was something. Then I walked 1.35 miles on the treadmill once I put the kids down for naps. It's not earth-shattering, but I guess it's a start.