Friday, February 27, 2009

Big News in a Tiny Package

I was really hoping to have a picture to share in this post, but alas, I was not given one. Part of the reason why the blog has been pretty quiet lately is because I have been exceedingly tired. Beyond tired, actually. But it is all for a good reason, though.

We're having another baby!! (See, this is where I would post an ultrasound picture, but the tech didn't offer to give me any.)

I'm due September 8, which puts me at 12 weeks now. Actually, I have known for about seven weeks already, but we waited a while to tell family and wanted to make sure everything looked good on the ultrasound yesterday. Everything did look good, and since I am 12 weeks, the baby definitely looked like a baby! There was a lot of curling up, leg stretching and flipping over, which is to be expected since there's still room to move around in there.

As for me, I am doing well. My first two pregnancies were very uneventful, with only tiredness and mild nausea at the start, and it looks like this one is following the same path so far. I am very excited to get to do some baby knitting this time! I wasn't knitting yet when I had Natalie and Ethan.

So that's the big news. Hopefully I'll work up the energy to start posting more often.

Monday, February 02, 2009

This Alone Was Worth $89.99

My kids pooled their Christmas and birthday money to buy Wii Fit last week. It is SO fun, but when I came around the corner yesterday to see Ethan doing the ski slalom like this I had to run for the camera: