Friday, March 28, 2008


Pattern: Gust by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Superior, cashmere/silk
Needles: US sz 4

Yet another fantastic pattern by Anne...easy enough to memorize but not at all boring! This scarf will live at The Neighborhood Knit Shop and I'll be teaching a class on it in April.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

If You're Looking For A Snack...

might I recommend these?

I have the Cinnamon Brown Sugar variety and they are most tasty. If you like almonds, of course. If not, find another snack.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's Just Say They're Kin

I have two FO's to share today. Last weekend I finished this Pinwheel Blanket:
Yarn: Berroco Comfort
Needles: US sz 7

I used Fibonacci sequence for the striping. The Pinwheel Blanket is a great baby gift and is easy knitting, but does get tedious toward the end. I'm very pleased with how this one turned out, though. The final size ended up being about 36".

Last night, I finished some plain stockinette socks, which I am calling Amos. It only seemed right since they are so similar in color to my ill-fated Cedric socks. Normally socks end up being twins, right? We hope for identical, but with handpainted yarns they often come out fraternal. These...well...I think there were issues in the gene pool.
Yarn: Gypsy Girl Creations/Stone Barn Fibers in Brindle
Needles: US sz 1

I do have another sock in progress, as well as a shrug, but no pics of them just yet. In the meantime, I knit on.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Trying to Keep Up

I don't know why I'm finding it so hard to keep up with the blogging. I wish I had interesting things to say every day, but I don't. It doesn't mean I haven't been busy, though.

I finished Anne's "That Little Scarf" recently, which is a very fun knit and makes a great little neckwarmer.
Yarn is fingering weight from The Knittery.

I'm currently working on a new Pinwheel Blanket for an upcoming class at The Neighborhood Knit Shop.
Also, Ethan thinks these are the best things EVER.
Finally, I was happily wearing my Fawkes socks last night and thought a few times, "hm...I can feel something cold on the sole of my foot - these must be getting thin." I wore them to bed and when I woke up this morning I was crushed to see this.
They were one of the first pairs of socks I knit. (can't remember if I started these or Jaywalkers first) There's no point in trying to fix them as the other heel is about 24 hrs away from doing the same thing and the ball of the foot area is close behind.