Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Remember me?

OK, so I've been gone a while. It wasn't really on purpose - I was out of town and have been very busy knitting! Here's what I've been doing since my last entry.

Another pair of worsted socks for my aunt, done in Schaefer Lola:

A pair of RPM's for my aunt in Cherry Tree Hill, colorway "Martha's Vineyard":

The last pair of socks for my aunt, in Sea Wool (which I LOVE and will make it very painful for me to mail these off)...this is the Sedona Sock pattern:

Then I also finished the Waving Lace socks for Greg's aunt, done in Mountain Colors Bearfoot:

I managed to finish my Chevron Scarf, done in Socks That Rock (Tiger's Eye and Space Dust)...I couldn't get a picture of me actually wearing it, so you'll have to just imagine that:

Finally, I decided to knit myself a hat with the Tasmanian alpaca I received from Amanda...so here is Le Slouch:

I will leave you with a few pics of little people...first, trick or treating at the zoo (Ethan was a bat, Natalie was a cat):

Natalie lost her 3rd tooth this weekend:

And Ethan is still a silly goose:

P.S. I apologize for the lack of links today...if you have any questions about patterns or where to find them, just leave me a comment.