Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally the pictures!

So first, the yarn. My first ever yarn dyeing. Kool-Aid on KnitPicks natural sock yarn. I used Lemon-Lime, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade and Pink Lemonade - handpainted then steamed on the stovetop. Overall I'm pleased. It's pretty. Not really my colors, but pretty.

Now, pics of the kids. It's been a while. For those who may not know, Natalie is 4 and Ethan is 2.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Still no pictures

So here we are...another post without pictures. Not so fun for you, the reader, I fear. I know I prefer reading blog entries that have pictures. Breaks things up a bit. The sad thing is that I got some lovely pictures this morning and the computer won't read the disk. So I either have to fiddle with it or toss the disk and try to get new pictures. *sigh* It's really too bad, too, because two of the pictures were very lovely shots of my children and the other two were yarn.

The aforementioned yarn is actually my very first dye experiment! It was thrilling. I used Kool-Aid - figured it might be wise to not invest a lot in it, just in case I hated it or was just bad at dyeing. I learned some good lessons, which I will keep in mind when I go to dye the next skein. My finished product looks nice, but sadly, it's a bit too pastel for my taste. You'll understand when I post a picture.

My other fun news is that I got to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, last night! She was at Threaded Bliss and it was great! Sheila, kudos to you for coordinating two great book signings so close together! The Yarn Harlot really is as entertaining in person as she is on her blog. AND, I got to see (and touch) the Olympic sweater!! WOW. For those who don't know, Stephanie knit one of those Norwegian, very intricate skiing sweaters in 16 days for the Knitting Olympics. Even she admits she was insane for trying it. Oh, and Sock...I got to touch Sock, too!

That about sums it up for now...still hard at work on lace baby blanket #1. I'm on my third pattern now and this one is actually working, so I'm sticking with it. Pray for speedy needles for me. I'm ready to be done and I still have another blanket to make.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Today's the day!! I get to go see the Mason-Dixon Girls tonight! Rumor has it there will be RC Cola, Moon Pies and Whoopie Pies aplenty. I've agonized over what to wear, since in theory, I could end up in a picture in their blog (yikes!), even if I'm just in the background...and more importantly, I've agonized over what knitting to bring!! Heaven forbid I'd show up at this booksigning with nothing in my hands!! It needed to be something fairly simple, since I didn't want to have to keep referring to the pattern - so the lace baby blanket was out, as was my Fawkes sock or any other new lacey pattern. In an effort to keep things very simple, I started a new sock, using the Mock Croc Socks pattern. Very simple and easy to remember. I'll probably stick a few other projects in my bag, too, because it looks like we'll have the chance to sit around and knit with Ann and Kay after the event is over!! Can you stand it??? I think Nashville is the last stop on their book tour before they start the second leg and they commented that they haven't had time to just sit and knit with people, so being the accommodating sort of folks that we are (ok, I had nothing to do with it), we're obliging.

So that's the big news from here! I really haven't been knitting much this week. Rosemary and I have a new episode of CraftBorg up, so go listen and give us some feedback! We're still working on the sound quality issues, but it's a good episode.

Monday, April 10, 2006

SockapalOOOza Finished!

My SockapalOOOza socks are finished!! Again, the pattern is Lava Flow, by SockBug - done on size 2 needles in Plymouth Sockotta. Lookit all the psychidelic sunshiney zigzagginess!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Picture Time!

I know, it's been a while with the pictures. Mostly due to the fact that I need to use Greg's computer to upload them and now that he's moved into his new office, it's not quite as convenient. But here you go. A picture fix. Since Blogger always seems to have odd formatting, I'll just list what the pictures are here:

1&2: SockapalOOOza socks! erm...sock! (the 2nd one is just past the heel, but no pic of it today) This is the Lava Flow pattern by SockBug, worked in Plymouth Sockotta yarn. There's a lot of stripey goodness on the bottom of the foot, so I'm hoping to get a good pic of that when both socks are finished.
3: My new summer bag. Rosemary requested a picture.
4. My newest yarn! Laceweight from in Citrus. I have 2 skeins and will be making a large stole soon.
5. Finally...Hatmione!! It's very difficult to take a good pic of a hat when it's on your own head. Cascade 220 yarn. And you know, since this is a picture that I took of myself, I do believe it qualifies for Self-Portrait Sunday (of which I've been a total slacker)!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One foot down, one to go

Today I finished one of my Sockapaloooza socks! Sorry, no pic as of yet. Perhaps tomorrow. I haven't started the second one yet. We have a friend staying with us tonight - unfortunately he gave us very short notice and our house is a pit, so I'm spending my time cleaning. My hope is that I can get the house mostly in order, or at the very least, not scary - and I can start sock #2 later this evening. Thankfully, said friend doesn't land at the airport until 10:30 tonight.

In other knitty news, I ordered a new sock yarn and my first real laceweight! Also ordered a lace shawl & stole pattern. No linkies today, my dears...just don't have time. Anyhoo, I'm eager to get started on those. 'Course that means I've gotta slog my way through some more things on my WIP list first. *sigh* (makes mental note to mail chemo caps to Roberta tomorrow)

Hope you enjoyed Episode 0 of CraftBorg. We know it was a little rough...that's what an episode 0 is for, right? Rose and I are eager to get started on Episode 1.

Talked with an acquaintance about photography last night...she's a pretty good amateur, like I am, and has actually entered several photos in local contests (and won!), so I was curious to learn if she has taken any classes. Nope. She just experiments like I do! Apparently she picks a spot to visit (parks or local areas of interest) some weekend afternoons and goes just to take pictures...I asked her to call me the next time she does that. I'd love to join her.

Back to my cleaning...