Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My new hat

Here is my lovely new hat! Noro Kureyon yarn on size 9 needles.

I just love it.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Too much to do

Well, I'm sad to report that my Thanksgiving was a flop. We had invited someone over, but she graciously declined, which was fine. It's just as well she didn't come. Since it was just the four of us, I decided to roast the chicken I had in the freezer instead of buying a turkey. Seemed like a good idea, right? Put it in the refrigerator to thaw on Monday, but apparently three days was not enough. I planned out my Thanksgiving morning so all the food would be ready at noon. Put the chicken in an oven bag (the way I always do my turkeys) and after two hours (which should have been plenty long enough for a 7 pound chicken in an oven bag), the wings and drumsticks were falling off, but when I cut into the breast, it was barely warm. Ick. I opened up the bag and let it cook until it was really done, but after cutting into it not-done, I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Just too icky. So we had a meatless Thanksgiving. The side dishes were good, though.

Other than that, I've spent most of my free time knitting, of course. I realized that I should type up a list of what I've made so far. I fear it will be a ridiculous amount of stuff in the short time I've been knitting/crocheting, but here goes:

k=knit, c=crochet...duh

-Homespun wrap for Jeanine (c)
-Homespun wrap for myself, twice the length of Jeanine's (c)
-large afghan for my parents (c)
-two spiral scarves (c)
-three double-ruffle boas (c)
-two chenille hats (c)
-three baby afghans (c)
-one small afghan to go to Mexico (c)
-Homespun scarf (c)
-one baby-sized mitten (c)
-Fancy scarf (c)
-ribbon scarf (c)
-two kids' scarves (k)
-Noro hat (k)
-long scarf (k)
-checkerboard scarf (k)

Current works in progress:
-Linus project afghan, 3/4 finished (c)
-diagonal knitted blanket, 3/4 finished (k)
-scarves for SIL, BIL, FIL, started this weekend (k)
-orange wrap, 1/4 finished (k)

Is that it? I've lost track. I think I learned how to crochet in late August? or maybe early September?

My "future projects" list:
-mittens for my sister (c)
-mittens for the kids (c)
-Noro hat for my sister (k)
-scarf for Greg (k)
-socks (k)
-clapotis (k)
-sweater (k)
-HP scarf (k)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trying again

I really did try to post recently. Really, I did. But the net goblins ate my post.

Not much to report, really. We had lots of sickness for two weeks straight, but I think we're all back to 100% now.

I've been doing lots of knitting and some crocheting. That's about it.