Thursday, July 21, 2005

A proud moment

Had to go run errands today - WalMart first, which was uneventful, then Target. I told Natalie twice that we were not getting a "special buggy" (the 2-seater carts) because the last few times we have, she and Ethan have clobbered each other and we all ended up screaming. Not good. So of course, the first thing she asks for when we get out of the car is a special buggy (rolls eyes). She starts the pre-fit when I remind her why we aren't getting one, and I give her the choice to either get in the back of a regular one or walk with me. She opts to stand in the parking lot, wailing. I gave her the choice again and let her know that if she didn't choose one, I would. She didn't, so I put her in the back of the buggy. She wailed all the way to the door and continued and even got worse inside. We stopped at the $1 section, right inside the door and she was screaming bloody murder by this point. I calmly reminded her of her choices, let her know that her fit was not acceptable and that if she couldn't calm down, we were going outside. She wailed that she wanted to walk, so I let her get down, but the screaming didn't stop. After one last try, I finally picked her up and carried her outside (while pushing Ethan in the buggy).

There was a bench near the entrance that was sort of shady, so I put her on it. I let her know that her fit was not acceptable and it made me very sad and it was rude to the people in Target. I told her I knew she was upset that we didn't get a special buggy, but reminded her that she had lost that priviledge. Then I sat on the bench and held her and she calmed down. I let her know that I love her very much. After some big hugs and some tickles, we were able to go in and do our shopping without incident.

The biggest moment, though, was the fact that her massive tantrum didn't even phase me! I didn't get stressed (even though everyone was obviously staring), I didn't threaten to spank...nothing. I just kept my voice calm and quiet and it was fine. Now if only my response could be like that all the time. (sigh)

Picked up a swimsuit at WalMart - have been wanting something colorful for a change. Finally found a mix & match tankini (separates) in the right size. Came home and tried it on...oh dear. EEK. Not good AT ALL. Top was just wrong all the way around...too small...horrible. The bottoms fit fine...they were just...well...awful. Showed every bulge and...(shudder)...can't talk about it anymore. Must take it back.

I also got a pair of cheap tennis shoes at Target. $25. Danskin Freestyle...very lightweight. The ones I had were fine...just wanted something new, but didn't want to spend $100. Maybe that could be a reward for reaching a big, good tennis shoes.

It's awfully quiet in the living room...I wonder if Natalie fell asleep in the chair...