Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sore, but still going

As predicted, I'm a little sore from yesterday's work-out. Not bad - actually, it's that "pleasant" kind of sore - that reminds you that you did something good for yourself. Decided to do the 2-mile workout this morning, so I just finished that. Weights of choice today were two cans of green beans.

Now I need a shower.

Ethan is wailing pitifully in his crib. I think he needs to drop his morning nap, but most days he still sleeps for about an hour and then still takes an afternoon nap. Problem is, now he's not wanting to go down for his afternoon nap until 3 or 4. Looks like he won't be sleeping this morning, which throws off my showering plan. I don't like to leave them unattended if I can help it, especially now that Ethan can climb and can get into Greg's office. Ugh.

Better go see if I can convince Ethan to lie down long enough for me to take a very quick shower.


Emily said...

I love that good, sore feeling the day after a work out!!!