Monday, June 20, 2005

Mission Accomplished

I did it! I walked on the treadmill! And read my Bible! And put away the post-dinner mess! And washed the dishes! Woohooo!

It's the little things, I guess. Just wish I knew why they were such a challenge sometimes.

Got my latest SWS order - another woohoo! Got some more Bazzill (Places We Love - Martha's Vineyard), LM Most Popular stamps, Distress Ink (tattered rose) and another sheet of EZMount. Goodie bag was just OK this time. One thing that was downright awful - good set of alpha stickers, some twill...something else...can't remember.

Poor Ethan. Went down for a nap at 1 PM and didn't wake up til 6 PM. Woke up crying, red and burning up. Temp was 102.7 and he was throwing up. Poor bubby. Cleaned him up, left him in just his diaper, gave him some Motrin and handed him off to Greg so I could clean up the floor and finish fixing dinner. He was restless, but did hang with Greg until I was done. After that, he did perk up quite a bit and ate half a banana and some Cheerios and then went to bed. Hope he's better in the morning.