Thursday, August 25, 2005


Wait a minute!! When did it get to be Thursday??? Wednesday, yes, I was prepared for that, but Thursday?? Come on, people! Then again, seeing's how I haven't left the house since Monday...that could explain why it's all just one big blur.

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!! It's my sister's birthday today! :)

I don't like it only having one car that works. I also don't like high gas prices that make me feel like I should only leave the house if it's absolutely necessary. I especially don't like having to cram all 4 of us into Greg's truck, since I have to be in the middle, squeezed between Greg and Ethan's carseat. I'm hoping and praying that all the Explorer needs is a new battery...please God!

I have a potential violin student if I want one. Karen P. (from Bible study) called me again yesterday to see if I'd given it any more thought. As it turns out, she found out that we could use one of the rooms at the Harding's gym/studio (where Natalie takes tumbling) to do a lesson while her other girls do ballet - or even possibly on Monday nights before Bible study, which would be even better. I asked Greg if he'd be ok with keeping the kids either an extra 30 minutes on Mondays or for an hour on Tuesdays - he's thinking about it. I need to call Mary Bea and ask how they handle payment for lessons. If I do it, I think we'll start Ethan in the Tiny Tumbleroo class. He'd love it and even though I would have to participate with him, it would sure beat having to wrestle him for an hour during Natalie's class, since they meet at the same time.

Greg is absolutely swamped with work. Armando told him we need to figure out what I can do to help him, but I'm not sure there's much I can do. I can do admin/secretarial stuff, but he doesn't have a whole lot of that. I heard him tell someone on the phone yesterday that he's juggling 16 different projects at the moment. It's great for the business - it means things are going well and we're making money - but they are at an awkward point where they really need a draftsman. Greg just can't do it all anymore.

I should go walk on the treadmill while Ethan is napping. Decided to start doing a food log again at I looked at, but didn't realize you have to pay. It's only $29.95 for a year, but that's $29.95 I don't have today. Even though I'm the only one who sees my FitDay food log, it still motivates me not to eat a bunch of junk. Something about knowing I'll have to write it down. I'm also trying to only eat when I truly FEEL hungry, since I'm notorious for boredom eating. Seeing how well Karen is doing was good motivation...that and realizing that I'm back up to the weight I was when I got pregnant with Natalie. One of my friends who is uber-thin and runs races suggested setting 5 lb goals instead of looking at the total amount I want to lose.

OK, better get moving.