Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Natalie & her work of art

This is Natalie (not a fabulous picture, but she insisted I take it). She is 3 1/2.

One day last week, I went to get her up from her "nap." I use that term loosely because she is taking fewer and fewer naps these days - BUT, she does have to stay in her bed for some rest time every day. When I came in, she asked if I was ready for my surprise. Curious, I said yes and she threw back her blanket with a flourish, revealing this work of art:

In the center are Natalie (in the crown) and Ethan (with hair). In the lower lefthand corner is a 3-tiered cake. Above that are Greg and me. I look like a Potato Head and he looks like a squashed bug - but note, my legs are longer *smirk*. Above Natalie's head are balloons and to the right of that is jello. I don't know why. In the upper righthand corner are music notes and the shapes around Natalie and Ethan's feet are presents.

I was impressed.


JD said...

NO FAIR!!!!!!!! When I got Jillian up one time, she announced that she had a surprise for me too... it turned out to be artwork alright -- she had written with a marker all over her fleece sheets. The $50 ones. Suns, moons, cats, happy "Walmart Faces", and her name, everywhere.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her drawing, and I really mean that! Brilliant! I hope you make a page of this... She'd get along great with Jillian, who also adores to draw on her Magnadoodle. It's one of our fav passtimes, in fact, I help Brandon with his math homework, or Josh with his spelling, by working it all out on the Magnadoodle!

Rosemary said...

That *is* impressive!! Woohoo!!

Rosemary said...

I sorta yoinked your idea today. But not totally :)

Adria said...

what a talent! i LOVE Natalie's drawing! Aren't magnadoodles just the BEST?!?!

me :) said...

I think I want my own Magnadoodle for my birthday! :)