Friday, February 10, 2006

Today's the Day!!

It's finally here!! Today is the day the Olympic flame will be lit, which signifies the start of both the Olympics in Torino and the Knitting Olympics around the world. I'm itching to get started because I'm just dying to have my finished Clapotis to wear! I'm so pleased with my choice of yarn - I think it will be really nice to work with.

I do have a cramp in my right shoulder, those muscles right at the base of my neck and at the start of my shoulder. Perhaps I should do some stretching. It's a pity I don't have access to a massage therapist. I mean really...I need to be at the top of my knitting game.

So I raise my needles along with the nearly 4000 other Knitting Olympians and say Godspeed to all of us. May our needles be swift, may our hands not cramp and may our yarn pull out of the center-pull balls with ease.


Angie said...

go Julie.. I am rooting for you!.. (shhh.. dont tell mary and rose cause I told them I was rooting for them too... can you root for more than 1 person? LOL

*~*Erin*~* said...

I think you can root for more than one, lol. GO JULIE AND ROSE!!!