Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One foot down, one to go

Today I finished one of my Sockapaloooza socks! Sorry, no pic as of yet. Perhaps tomorrow. I haven't started the second one yet. We have a friend staying with us tonight - unfortunately he gave us very short notice and our house is a pit, so I'm spending my time cleaning. My hope is that I can get the house mostly in order, or at the very least, not scary - and I can start sock #2 later this evening. Thankfully, said friend doesn't land at the airport until 10:30 tonight.

In other knitty news, I ordered a new sock yarn and my first real laceweight! Also ordered a lace shawl & stole pattern. No linkies today, my dears...just don't have time. Anyhoo, I'm eager to get started on those. 'Course that means I've gotta slog my way through some more things on my WIP list first. *sigh* (makes mental note to mail chemo caps to Roberta tomorrow)

Hope you enjoyed Episode 0 of CraftBorg. We know it was a little rough...that's what an episode 0 is for, right? Rose and I are eager to get started on Episode 1.

Talked with an acquaintance about photography last night...she's a pretty good amateur, like I am, and has actually entered several photos in local contests (and won!), so I was curious to learn if she has taken any classes. Nope. She just experiments like I do! Apparently she picks a spot to visit (parks or local areas of interest) some weekend afternoons and goes just to take pictures...I asked her to call me the next time she does that. I'd love to join her.

Back to my cleaning...