Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Solitary Sock

I swear I really am going to go back and knit the second socks to all these poor lonely socks...

Here we have the latest single sock, Hagrid. The pattern is Mock Croc Socks from KnitPicks. The yarn is Socks That Rock in the colorway Petrified Wood. Knit on size 2 needles.

Someday I will find a way to take a flattering picture of my foot.

I really, REALLY like the way this sock is constructed. It is a plain stockinette heel flap, but the flap seems much wider than others I've done and seems to fit my heel very well. The toe is a bit more round than others I've done, too. I'm eager to get started on the second sock! It's so wonderfully brown and...well...Hagrid-ish.


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