Tuesday, October 03, 2006


DISCLAIMER: I feel obligated to say that if you have spider issues, you may want to close your eyes and scroll down to the end of this post to see actual knitting content.

OK, now that we've addressed that, I'll get on with it.

This morning Natalie wanted to color, so I hooked her up with paper and crayons and she produced this, which she informed me was a drawing of Happy, Friendly Spiders:

There is, of course, a reason for her drawing spiders. We have this at the bottom of our deck:

We have to pass it whenever we go up or down the steps of the deck.

On it, lives this rather stout spider:

I'll admit, it does creep me out. A lot. But I really don't have the heart to tear down the li'l fella's handiwork.

Now for some knitting content! I played around with a new stitch pattern last night...I'm potentially frogging the old cabled scarf I started (last winter) for my dad and going this direction instead. (thankyouverymuch Barbara Walker and your Treasuries)


Rosemary said...

That looks like a pretty stitch pattern!

Carol said...

Craft Borg:

I love your podcast-thank you for the fun and entertainment and knitting passion-I look forward to every episode. Excuse me for using your blog for this request, but I was wondering if you were aware of the "dial-up" download option that is available to podcasters? Yes, I have dial up and i listen to MANY podcasts that take me HOURS to download, much to the dismay of my family (when I tie up the phone line!). I recently discoverd the GEEK FARM LIFE podcast and noticed the dial up download option-it took me a fraction of the time to download their podcast vs. the others that I download. I emailed Andrew of GEEK FARM LIFE and he informed me that this is a really easy thing to provide to the dialuppers out there. I live in a very rural area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and am a fiber enthusiast. Any chance you could look into this?-thank you regardless, I appreciate the time you two put in to the podcast.

Roberta said...

Oh, Julie...those are the cutest happy spiders ever!! :) We had a large spider like that living on our porch last year, and while a little creepy, the kids were just facinated by him.

I like that stitch pattern, too - I think that's going to be a great scarf when it's done. :)