Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Little Something & A Big Relief

I had a little bit of Rowan Kidsilk Haze leftover from my Scribble Lace scarf and wasn't sure what I would ever do with it. My mother-in-law saw the Scribble Lace when she was here recently and was in love. While I wasn't willing to give it to her, I was willing to try to figure out something for her with the leftovers, since it was really just this yarn and the color that she was so taken by. Enter good old Feather & Fan! I think I used sz 9 or 10 needles. The finished scarf is 4.25"x41.25". Short for a scarf, but nice for a lace scarf, I think.

It is such a relief to have this Clapotis finished. I don't even remember when I started, to be honest. The SWTC Bamboo was very nice to work with and feels delicious! I know my sister will get a lot of use out of this and since it's not wool, she can use it year-round.


Tina said...

The lace scarf for your mother-in-law is absolutely beautiful, and I love the colors in the Clapotis. I just might have to try the Clapotis myself.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Beautiful scarf and clapotis! : )

Stacey said...

Julie, it's beautiful. And I agree, bamboo is absolutely yummy to work with!

I'm stuck in the Section of A Thousand Cuts with mine; you know, the middle part that goes on and on and ON...someone shoot me now!