Friday, April 06, 2007

Yard Work

A few snapshots of the Yard Work...this week I also put in 48 petunias, so imagine those filling in the blank spaces.

Here's the front bed:

On the other side of this is a small shade bed that has stuff already in it - but I did add this painted fern:

I put two of these May Night Salvias in the big front bed:

Then put these at the corner of the house - don't remember what they are:

Then Greg and I put in all of this down the side of the house...there was nothing there before. Golden Euonymous, Dwarf English Lavender and Purple Fountain Grass:

Here's the Golden Euonymous up close:

Then I have two of these hanging baskets hanging off the deck:

Finally, a pretty shot of the tree in our front yard. They seem quite common in this area, but no one can tell me what it is. Anyone know?


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Julie, the flowers are beautiful.

I think you have a Kwanzan Cherry tree in your front yard. The blooms on ours are identical! They are WONDERFUL trees...ornamental, so you won't get any fruit.

Have you seen the glove KAL I'm doing. This has been my favorite knitting item in a long time! The info is posted on my new blog. I hope you might decide to join!

Have a great weekend! : )

JD said...

I have to second the Cherry Tree guess... The blossoms look similar to my miniature weeping cherry tree, although the tree itself looks different. Gorgeous... lucky, lucky girl!

The yard looks fantastic... it gives me spring fever, but we can't plant anything yet, it's still snowing on and off here, there's still snow on the ground. We couldn't even dig holes for fence posts!

Miss you!


Mandy said...

Have you heard about the Hogwarts sock swap?? It's at you should come check it out!! Hoppy Easter!!

Nina said...

Julie - I am SO jealous. It is still snowing here. :-(