Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Travel Sock and some art

I'll be leaving town for two weeks on Friday and have been agonizing over what knitting to take. Enter a new Jaywalker:
You may notice that I have already done a bit...but since I'm working toe-up and really, you just never know about the Jaywalker fit, I wanted to get it started before I leave. I really wanted this yarn to be a nice, normal variegated, but I kinda like what it's doing so I think it will be ok.

Natalie created this little masterpiece last night while we waited for our dinner. She has always loved to draw but lately has been getting much more detailed and creative. Here you can see a bird with feathers, two baby birds, a very arty birdhouse with a decorated pole, a bird deck with a ladder, a flower and tree...and Greg added the 10th hole/flag because obviously, this is an upscale bird community.


celia said...

the colours came out really well. Nice!

Jen said...

Love the the sock! :o)