Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Take That, Anne *cackles madly*

Dear Anne,

This is for you. For all the times you have made me lust after your yarn. Look!! Look at all that greyish, bluish, purpley deliciousness! Miiiiine.....allllllll miiiiiine....muwahahahaha.

Heck, for all I know, you already have this yarn. Here's hoping I made you do a double-take, at least.

Yours in yarny goodness-

P.S. This colorway is called Moonlight, but it looks like it's not available at The Loopy Ewe at the moment.


anne said...

you wicked, wicked woman, you . . .

Rachel said...

It is not nice to be mean to Anne :) hmmm,,, although she deserves it sometimes! this yarn looks so so nice, I have it in my wish list for quite awhile.

Roberta said...

So YOU'RE the one who beat me to the Moonlight colorway. Hrrmph. :P