Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy Bee

So I took that yarn I made and turned it into a little bag for Natalie. It was 48 sts on US sz 7 needles and I just did a crochet chain for the drawstring. There was a definite difference in the weight of the first skein and the weight of the can see that the stitches in the bottom half of the bag are much bigger than those in the top!
Then this week my aunt received her worsted weight socks and immediately requested more. I remembered that I had this sock languishing in the WIP basket from last winter (Lorna's Laces worsted, but the band is long gone so I don't know the colorway), so I pulled it out and finished it yesterday. I also started the second one and am halfway through the foot.
And finally, I bought this:
Which I spun into this:
And is now being knit into this:
I really didn't plan to start knitting with it right away - and I realize I'm probably tempting fate, but I had a little batch of singles that I wanted to ply and then the temptation was too great and I caved. I'm knitting it on US sz 1.5 needles, for what it's worth.