Monday, October 13, 2008


Money is tight for most of us these days, right? What with the increased price of groceries and it costing about $4,273 to fill up your car with gas and all. I know my family is feeling the pinch in a big way. Greg has been working ridiculous hours on a job in Murfreesboro since this summer - something that's not even related to his new business...and by "ridiculous hours" I mean that I've lost count of the times that he's left the house around 8 AM and returned around 10 AM the next day, only to take a nap and go back out there the same day. The job is nearly done, or so he says, but we are still waiting on the paycheck. Until then, things are beyond tight.

But if I had an extra $20 to spend just on myself today, I would snap this ring (in a sz 8) up in a heartbeat!!
What about you? If you had $20 to spend on something for yourself right now, what would it be?