Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ellie is one. I'm pretty sure she was just born a couple of weeks ago, but the calendar tells me otherwise. She's still mostly bald for now, but her hair appears to be growing (finally). It also looks like her eyes are going to remain hazel, which is a surprise. Natalie and Ethan were both blue-eyed from birth, but Ellie's eyes are brownish-green.

She started walking the week she turned one, which is earlier than either of her siblings. We started using basic sign-language signs with all of the kids when they were infants and Ellie now uses 7 signs: milk, drink, more, please, thank you, all done and cookie. Not surprisingly, she learned the sign for cookie faster than any other sign.

We have been working on pointing out parts of the body and she can point to her head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, tongue, tummy and toes and she says them as she points them out. It's adorable, except when I'm rocking her to sleep and she's digging her finger in my ear or smashing my nose, saying "eeeh" and "noss" over and over.

It's hard to remember what life was like without her!


Gnat said...

She is absolutely adorable!! :)

ocdism said...

SOOOO STINKIN CUTE! When did she decide to turn ONE already????!!!