Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Reminder

There has been a lot going on inside my head during my blog hiatus. A major life change is that we discovered in November that Ethan (who just turned 7 this month) has Type 1 diabetes. The symptoms and diagnosis came seemingly out of nowhere. He was fine and then suddenly, over about 10 days, he wasn't. I am so thankful for the pediatric diabetes clinic at Vanderbilt; they do a fantastic job. Going from only getting a shot once every few years to getting 4 a day, plus at least 4 finger pricks...well, it was extremely stressful for all of us at first. Children are amazing, though, and Ethan is doing great.

All the stress made me choose to avoid blogging, I suppose. There have been many things I have wanted to say and didn't, sometimes for fear of what people might think. Then again, I suppose it's not a bad rule of thumb to err on the side of silence if you're not sure what you have to say really needs to be said in a public forum! But life goes on. Schoolwork still needs to be done, bills still need to be paid, knitting awaits.

Not too long ago, on a day when I was feeling overwhelmed and alone, I went out to run some errands. When I returned, I noticed something that hadn't been there when I left the house a few minutes earlier and I had to take a picture. I know it's just a leaf, but it was a beautiful and unexpected reminder that I am loved. Strangely, when I went back outside later that day, it was gone.


JD said...

We love you, beyond measure, stress or not, blog or not!

Love the reminders of God's love in that leaf!

Jamie Willow said...

that is so cool (the leaf, not the diabetes)!

always love to read what you have to say :)

Our Family said...

Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere (or whatever). It's good to follow how you and yours are doing. Love the photos!