Sunday, September 04, 2005


I was reading my beloved Guideposts magazine last night (I loves Guideposts) and saw something that I thought would be good to do. It was in a story about Ted Kooser, America's poet laureate. Here's a little excerpt that explains both my new daily blogging prompt and the reasoning behind it:

"'You drive home from work, find yourself in the garage and can't remember a thing that's happened between when you left and when you arrived,' Ted says. 'To really participate in life we have to figure out ways of being aware of what's around us.' Sure, I think. But how do you do that with a busy life, work, family? 'The poet Linda Gregg has her students notice six things a day. Lots of days I don't notice six things. I'm not always successful,' Ted admits. 'But I like paying attention to ordinary things.'"

So there you go. My challenge to myself is to notice six things every day and post them here in my blog. I'll update the list when I can:

1. Natalie's hair is getting darker.
2. Carnation dry milk smells really nasty.
3. There are a lot of cobwebs in my house that I never noticed and should probably get rid of. (no offense spiders)
4. Noticing six things is harder than anticipated when you spend all day in your house.
5. The bathroom ceiling needs to be wiped down with bleach again.
6. Water has collected under the crisper drawers in the fridge again and has started to overflow.