Tuesday, December 13, 2005


In my quest to copy Rosemary, I have started the Jaywalker sock. OK, in reality it isn't so much that I yearn to copy Rose - it just happens to be a really cool sock pattern. I'm using Cascade Fixation SprayDyed. While I really like the colorway, it's hard on my hands. It's kinda rope-like. Not soft. It probably doesn't help that I'm knitting as tight as I possibly can to compensate for the elastic in the yarn AND using bigger needles than the pattern calls for. But all in all, I'm pleased with my sock progress so far. This is my first "real" sock. My only experience sock-wise has been a basic sock pattern using double stranded worsted on size 8 dpns. But...so far, so good. Oh, and I've also joined the Jaywalker Knitalong, which makes me feel a bit more like a real knitter.

In other news, this past week, I made another hat (gift) and finished FIL's scarf! I also decided to switch plans for SIL's scarf and finish one I've already started (that was going to be for someone else). So this week's push is that scarf and the orange wrap. I'll work on my sock when I need a break from gift knitting.


Carrie said...

Your project looks great!!! The four needles look scary to me, I'd poke something important and be impaired for life. Keep up the good work!