Wednesday, December 21, 2005


OK, so technically, I'm finished with the Christmas knitting. I have all of the gifts that need to be given over Christmas finished. My sister's orange wrap and my aunt's scarf are still technically Christmas gifts, but they both know they will be mailed sometime after Christmas.

So now the push is on for the post-holiday knitting. (sigh) I need to finish the second blanket that will go to Mexico and then finish Marcia's scarf - then I can send the blankets and scarf together and be done with it. I think Karen's orange wrap will be an ongoing project. I also need to get yarn for a scarf for my mom, but that will have to wait until after Christmas.

In the meantime, I've made some progress on my Jaywalker sock! Cedric is now 3 1/2" tall and is coming along quite nicely for a first sock. I think I'm going to do this pair at 5" instead of the 6 3/4" or whatever it is in the pattern. The stripes are slowly starting to work into the giant mass of taupe pooling, so I'm very curious to see how the rest of the sock unfolds.