Thursday, January 05, 2006

Craft Report

Time for a crafty report. This is a new sock that I've started for my sister. Pattern is "Panorama Socks" from the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar. Yarn is Plymouth Sockotta. Size 2 needles.

Here we have My So-Called Scarf in Manos del Uruguay (color: Stellar), on size 11's. This will go to my aunt Marcia in Alaska.

Next up is the start of my mom's scarf, Misty Gardens from ScarfStyle, which is actually just a feather & fan pattern. Yarn is Fiesta La Luz silk, size 7 needles.

Finally we have the Diagonal Blanket, which I thought would be the death of me. It's not hard, but very tedious. Homespun yarn (color: Montana Sky, photo makes it look a little lighter than it actually is), on size 13 needles. This blanket will be sent to my Aunt Marcia, who will take it (and others) to Mexico to give to some of the Maya who lost what little they had in hurricane season.