Friday, January 27, 2006

What a Week

Man, it's been a week. Two weeks, actually. Last week Ethan had croup. Really not fun. This week, my in-laws are here and Natalie has been really sick. Really, really not fun. I haven't had this little sleep since college. Only difference was, back then I *chose* not to sleep. That willingness factor really changes your outlook, I've discovered. Thankfully, while Natalie and Ethan are not back to normal yet, they are definitely feeling better and on the road to recovery.

The in-laws have been busy building Greg's office in the basement. It's going well, but will not be finished by the time they have to leave tomorrow. *sigh* Greg's dad is...shall we say...overly thorough. He does a good job. He insists on things being done the right way. Wonderful! Great! Unfortunately, the process takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R because he doesn't just measure twice, cut once...he measures 14 times, thinks about it, looks at all the options, measures some more and then finally cuts. Anyway, the drywall is almost all put up, so today he will be taping and mudding.

As you can see in my sidebar, I have joined Team Wales for the Knitting Olympics. You can click on the button over there for more info. I figure I can use the support.

Speaking of the Knitting Olympics, my yarn has still not arrived. I am annoyed about this. So far, I've been told two different things by the shop I ordered from and if it doesn't arrive today, I'll be calling them again. The yarn was not in stock when I ordered, so I knew there would be some delay - but we are now at 2 weeks since I placed the order. I just want my yarn!

I have been knitting this week, in spite of the sick, needy children. No pictures today, though. Perhaps tomorrow. I finished the Project Linus blanket and am currently working on the second one, which goes much, MUCH faster. I also worked on learning to knit in the round with 2 circular needles. I cast on a simple ribbed sock, then frogged it. Then I cast on a Jaywalker with a picot edge TWICE, then frogged both attempts. I then cast on the toe of Elfine TWICE and have frogged both of those attempts, too. Not a good sock week, apparently. In my defense, it was really more about trying new techniques than it was about starting new socks, so the lack of progress doesn't bother me too much.

Back to the knitting.