Thursday, November 09, 2006

It Was a Good Idea

I had this great idea. Natalie has a lovely dress for Christmas - the top is deep purple, basically eggplant. "I'll knit Ethan a sweater that will coordinate for pictures!" I said to myself. I really should stop talking. *sigh* I ordered yarn (Swish, the new KnitPicks superwash - sorry for the lack of a link today) - color: Bordeaux, which looked like it would be a good match. Hm. Not so much. The yarn is lovely - it just doesn't match the dress AT ALL.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and knit the sweater. Perhaps we can figure something out for Christmas pictures. Who knows? If nothing else, Ethan will have a lovely sweater to wear this winter.

I'm using my handy reference book for the basic pattern numbers and decided to use Barbara Walker for the design. I chose to do a panel of the Triple-Braided Diamonds down the center. The rest is a little gem called Crossed Stockinette. It's very subtle, but I like the look of it. Just gives a bit of texture without adding any bulk.

In real life, the yarn is not this color. It truly is a wine color - not this odd shade of purple:

So far, so good with the pattern - that is one complete run of the cable pattern. It's just slow, the cabling.

In other news, my feet have been really cold today, despite the 75 degree weather, and I think it is mighty sad when I have to wear mismatched handknits simply because I haven't gotten around to knitting the mates to these socks.


Jenn said...

Perhaps that makes the socks not so lonely!

beverly said...

Could be a new trend. A useful trend for people with a single, lonely Jaywalker in their knitting baskets.

Anonymous said...
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k said...

I love your mis-matched socks. Its a knitters secret handshake kind of thing. Anyone who's ever knit socks will see your feet and nod in fellowship!

Anonymous said...
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