Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Thoughts

It's a gloomy day here, I have ridiculous sciatic nerve pain shooting down my legs and poor Ellie is a snotty mess thanks to spring pollen, so I'm taking the easy way out and copying this post from a friend (with my own answers, of course - thanks JD, LOL!).

Outside my window...Natalie and Ethan are happily playing with a plastic tub full of mud.

I am thinking...how much I'd love to take a nap right now.

I am thankful for...remembering to thaw meat so I could put dinner in the oven a few minutes ago.

I am wearing...the same shirt I slept in, plus track pants.

I am remembering...what it was like to have good friends who lived in my neighborhood.

I am going...nowhere. Wanted to go to the Y, but don't think I should put Ellie in the nursery since she's a slimy mess.

I am currently reading...the Anne of Green Gables series, currently on Anne of the Island.

I am hoping...that I can get some knitting done soon.

On my mind...finances, wondering when we will be able to move past just surviving.

Noticing that...my house still isn't clean and orderly even though I wish for it to be all the time.

Pondering these words...a quote about Mr. Rogers, "Fred wanted to know the truth of your life, the nature of your insides, and had room enough in his own spirit to embrace without judgment whatever that truth might be."

From the kitchen...tonight's dinner: cube steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans.

Around the house...a lot of stuff I need to take to Goodwill or list on Craigslist.

One of my favorite things...my Sanuk yoga mat flip flops.


JD said...

I love these posts, what a great idea, LOL! I borrowed it from Kami, who borrowed it from Peggy...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life, Julie... for the record, our house isn't clean and orderly, not for lacking of wanting the same!

Shell said...

Remember photos in magazines are in homes without real people.

Now I want some of those sandals!

Miss you!!!


Julie said...

Shell, I adore those sandals! The soles are so squishy!