Friday, April 16, 2010

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

If anyone is still out there, I do still exist. Having three children, two of whom I educate at home and one small one who mostly wants to be held (by me) all the time, tends to make me a little busy. I expected that, but I kinda thought it might even out a little sooner than it has. Ah well, it's all good.

The big kids are doing well and have grown to love their baby sister, who they sometimes call Queen Baby. Once she started interacting with them she suddenly became a lot more interesting. It's hard to believe Ellie is six months old already! She is now able to pull up on her knees when she has something to hold onto and she is very close to being able to get a foot under her and ultimately pull up to standing. I am NOT ready for that! I've also caught her on all fours, rocking back and forth. Natalie and Ethan didn't do those things this early, so I have no idea what to expect this time.

As for me, I've debated on what to do with the blog. I do enjoy blogging. I just need to get back into the routine...just like I need to do with most other things in my life right now.


JD said...

I vote "keep blogging", regardless of how often or how infrequently... because I love to read your blog and hear what kind of things you're up to... and of course, seeing photos of the kiddos!

I can't believe she's already 6 months, Julie......... where did time go??????? Queen Baby -- LOL!

omly said...

We are still around. You just do what you need to, although we also love to hear what you are up to. We are considering making the switch to homeschooling next year (will depend if we get in the alternative program we applied for), and I have been thinking of you.

dove said...

Hi Julie,
I must first say I had a blog and gave it up because there was no time to knit. I have all this yarn and no time to use it!

If I may, I belonged to SKP 2008 and knit those lovely Jacobean sock for my husband. Well He wants more, but his are so worn out, that I can not get the pattern to balance with the top count. I have searched every link I could find, but I can not find your pattern for the Jacobean Sock.

Is there a way I can still get a link or file so I may knit it for my BH? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for letting expand the use of this comment section. I know it should not be done, but I could not find your email or the pattern link that is being given for it.

Thanks for your help. BTW, I gave up my blog and feel much better now. I do not know your whole idea behind the question, I agree, you do what is comfortable and felt led to do.

Deb in MN