Monday, April 21, 2008

Do you get The Urge?

Thanks to those of you who took the time to comment and share your thoughts on my last post. I plan to take each posting opportunity as it comes and see what I feel like writing. It may or may not be crafty, but I will try to include a disclaimer at the start of those posts that are not knitting/crafting-related. That way, the ball is in your court.

This post isn't specifically knitting/crafting-related, but about creativity in general. Do you get The Urge? You know...that overpowering need to create. I think it would apply to whatever your passion is: crafting, writing, drawing, painting, etc. The Urge seems to go in cycles for me and I usually feel it the strongest in the spring. It's almost a physical need sometimes and I'm curious to know if other people experience the same thing.

Right now, I'm knitting (of course), but don't have any major projects going on. The Urge is leading me back to scrapbooking (which I haven't done in...well...I don't even know how long) and sewing. I have fabric to make some valances for the windows in this room and have a few shirts that need some work. Realistically, I need to clean things up a bit before I can scrap or sew, since the desk where I used to do those things has now been taken over by Natalie's school things - but it wouldn't take much effort to set up a workstation of sorts on the kitchen table.

The Urge caused me to get out some of my old violin music and do a bit of technical work. It was somewhat disturbing to see that I was working in those books in 1984, but it is pretty amazing how much the brain retains. I would also love to get a (very) cheap guitar and learn chords. Oh, and start writing music again. Yes, I have a piano and don't NEED a guitar in order to write, but it suits that whole vibe better. Plus, it sounds way different.

Now I'm rambling. How does The Urge affect you?