Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about the whole blog thing this week, so bear with me while I ramble for a bit. My blog was created as a place for me to yammer on about knitting and other creative/hobby stuff, with pics of my kids thrown in on occasion. I never intended it to be a place for me to really write much or share deep thoughts. Sometimes I would like to, though, and I find myself hesitating and thinking, "Is that really a good idea? This is really supposed to be about knitting/crafting, after all..." I don't know. Technically, it is my blog and I can post whatever I darn well please. Then again, if I'm really, really honest, I sometimes find myself getting annoyed when people post about non-craft things on blogs that are "supposed" to be about crafting. Should I be annoyed by that? No, not really.

I have considered starting a separate blog. Is it worth it? Would I really post there? I know that some of the decline in posting on this blog has been a result of having Ravelry available. I can post photos and pertinent info about my knitting there, be part of different groups and have tons of knitty info at my fingertips. I suspect Ravelry has impacted many knit-bloggers, but the issue now for me is really this: do I want this to solely be a knitting/crafting blog or am I okay with mixing things up?

Any thoughts? Anyone?...anyone?... Heck, does anyone even read this anymore?