Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amazing Lace Team Intro

Name: Julie
Age: 32
City: Nashville, TN
Likes: sunsets, long walks on the beach...oh wait, wrong list of likes. How about...lace, pretty colorways, nice yarn, cooperative needles, lifelines
Dislikes: circular needles that catch at the joins, blunt ends, splitty yarn
Strengths: determination, a fascination with long and tedious things
Weaknesses: a wandering eye when it comes to new projects

Name: Pinwheel Shawl
Age: new
City: Nashville, TN
Likes: smooth needles, a good blocking, a gentle rinse
Dislikes: hot water, dryers, moths
Strengths: a good pattern, easy to follow
Weaknesses: well, it is lace, after all...


Kirsten said...

That yarn looks really beautiful. Good luck with your project.

Rosemary said...

Go team!!

Rachel said...

Hee hee. I wonder what would happen if you mixed up your list of likes and put the knitting ones in a personal ad. Who knows what kind of responses you'd get.

Cute intro!