Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Twins

If you wondered what that faint sound in the background might be, it's probably the trumpets blasting and the angels singing Hallelujah. Why, you ask? Because these lace baby blankets are FINISHED!!! And not only are they finished, they are also in the mail, on the way to their new home!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! On one hand, I never want to see them again (because of all the work and all the trouble I had with them)...and on the other, I hated to mail them off (because they were such an accomplishment). But there are two sweet baby girls who will arrive soon and will desperately need some soft, pretty blankies.

Big thanks to Lorraine, from Two Waters Fiberworks for her beautiful yarn and her willingness to work with me on a custom order. Lorraine's the best!!

And so now, I present you with two shots of blanket 2, the Chevron Lace Baby Blanket from Vogue Knitting: Baby Blankets, and a close-up of the "twins" together.


Rosemary said...

Oooh, they're both so gorgeous! I love how the colorways are slightly different and while I knew they were, the effect is very nice when they blankets are held together.

JD said...

STUNNING....... simply stunning.

They're so gorgeous.... You did such a fantastic job. I love them both!

Sheila said...

They are soooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!

Roberta said...

Oh, Julie!!! They're simply stunning. So beautiful, so much alike, yet still so totally different - just like twins should be. :)

realme 52 said...

How beautiful they are! I'm sure it is not a coincidence, how the color change in the yarn coordinates with the stitch pattern.
The recipients are very fortunate and certainly, these will become heirlooms!

JD said...

Had to come back and peek again!