Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Hair and New Yarn

I got my hair cut yesterday. Back to short hair. It's very similar to what I used to have, but I do like it and it's easy to deal with. Now I need to re-color it.

I also dyed some yarn today! The first skein was done with Kool-Aid...the orange side was 2 packs of Orange and most of one pack of Black Cherry. The blue side was 2 packs of Berry Blue and a pack of Grape. Then I left two sections white to allow for possible bleeding. (I hoped some would stay white and much of it did, so it's good.) I applied this to dry yarn, then wrapped it in saran wrap and microwaved it.

The second skein was done with Wilton's Icing Dyes. I love how it turned out, but must confess that I'm befuddled. After hearing Roberta talk about applying the icing dye like fingerpaints to dry yarn and then overdyeing it, I decided to try it for myself. Now if I looked at this yarn without knowing what I'd done, I would assume I had used many different colors. Not so. With a foam brush, I applied Copper (which is technically supposed to be a flesh tone for icing) and Brown, plus a few streaks of Royal Blue. (this was on dry yarn) Then I prepared an immersion dye with a very small amount of Royal Blue (probably 1/4 tsp) in water and vinegar...and THIS is what I got?!?!? I just don't get it! Like I said, I love the yarn, but??? Oh, and the picture of it all skeined up is actually rather washed out. In person, it's much darker, like the picture of it spread out to dry.


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