Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creative Repair & Holding Out Hope

I've been busy with the crafting lately. One project on the to-do list has been to find a way to repair a hole in one of Natalie's dresses. It's a comfy, cotton knit dress from Land's End, but there was no way to actually repair the hole. The best I could do was cover it somehow. I had considered sewing a band of wide ribbon around the waist, but kept putting off going to buy ribbon. Fortunately, I remembered that I had some nice cotton yarn in a color that would match, so I crocheted this little circle medallion thingie and stitched it over the hole. Not a bad solution and now Natalie can wear the dress again.
Another project that was both started and completed this week is the Tamarind Cowl. It's a quick, easy knit and using Malabrigo yarn makes it even better.
Now if only the weather would cool off.