Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've really been lax about blogging this week. Mostly because I've been engrossed in three things: starting school again with Natalie, watching the Olympics and knitting on my Olympics project. "Olympics project?" you might ask. Yes. I'm sure whatever cool factor I had with some of you may now have been obliterated - but I'm ok with that.

Just prior to the 2006 Winter Olympics, a rather spectacular knit blogger known as the Yarn Harlot organized the 2006 Knitting Olympics, where she challenged anyone who wanted to participate to select a project to knit during the Olympics. You could not begin until Opening Ceremonies started and the goal was to finish by the end of Closing Ceremonies. Thousands (yes, you read that correctly) of knitters participated, including myself.

For the 2008 Summer Olympics, the lovely folks at Ravelry decided to head up another knitty Olympic challenge. Same rules apply. I have chosen to knit a short-sleeved sweater - Rusted Root. So far, so good. I already had the yarn in my stash, so I am pleased to put it to good use. This sweater is knit from the top down and I am now finished with the sleeves and just barely into the body.
It should be smooth sailing from here on out. Besides, once Michael Phelps quits distracting me from my knitting, it should go much faster.