Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I feel very restless tonight. I'm not sure why. OK, that's not entirely true. I'm craving relationship. That's mostly why. I have lots and lots of friends online, some of whom are some of my dearest friends - but I have very few friends in real life. Since we switched churches last fall and started going to Cross Point, I've met lots of people and have started building relationships there - but it takes time. I don't like the fact that it takes time.

I miss having friends who really get me. (and like me anyway.)

Part of me wants to just delete this post and pretend I never wrote it. Kinda makes me feel like a loser, if you want the truth. I'm guessing most of us feel this way sometimes and I'm sure I'm not alone. I know there's no quick fix, though I have considered launching a friend recruitment campaign. I don't think I would have adequate funding to really make it appealing to the masses.

I'd drown my sorrows (being overly dramatic here - I'm fine, just feeling restless tonight) in chocolate, but I'm not doing that anymore.

P.S. wasn't able to go for a walk today because it's so freakishly humid that I would have practically needed a scuba mask to spend more than a few minutes outside.