Friday, June 06, 2008

Too Much

We have gotten a lot of rain in central Illinois since I've been here at my parents' house, and apparently they had quite a bit before I came up. On my drive up last weekend, I saw lots of standing water in the corn and soybean fields as I got closer. My parents live in Decatur, IL, which is essentially a blue-collar town surrounded by farmland. There is a lake in Decatur (aptly named Lake Decatur) and due to all the rain, there is now too much water in the lake. Mom took me down there yesterday to take some pictures.

I was standing on the patio of a little restaurant that has been by the docks forever. If you go down the steps from the patio, you cross the wide sidewalk that runs along the lake (lots of people walk here) and go onto the picnic table pavilion.
This view is standing on the steps that take you down onto walkway and pavilion.
After the pavilion, the sidewalk continues on down the lake toward the boat club docks...or not.
There is also a concrete pier that goes out near here, but the only indication now is the row of light poles.
Another view on the pavilion:
And a look down the lake - this section is all blocked off for now.
These guys seem to be the only ones who don't mind the extra water.