Monday, June 23, 2008

A Silent Tsunami

Have you noticed the Compassion child sponsorship widget I added to my sidebar a few weeks ago? I recently signed up to sponsor a child and want to encourage you to consider doing the same. I also want to share some information with you about the Global Food Crisis Fund and how you can help.

Over the past year, the price for staple foods like rice, wheat and beans has doubled. I'm sure all of us are feeling the effects of increased food prices - I know I am. In parts of the world where people are living on $1 a day, these changed prices mean they are now spending up to 80% of their budget just on food. As a result, millions of people are going hungry. This food crisis is being called "a silent tsunami" by the World Food Programme and it is affecting families in every nation.

What is causing the this crisis? Rising fuel costs, increased food demand from highly populated countries like India and China, natural disasters damaging or destroying crops, the growth of biofuels...all play a part.

Here's what you can do to help!

Compassion International has started the Global Food Crisis Fund to provide aid to those most affected by the rising cost of food. You can learn more about this fund here. Donations can be made there as well. Your donations to the fund will provide food vouchers to those in immediate need, seeds and agricultural tools so people can both grow their own food and earn extra income, and supplemental nutrition services offered at Compassion-assisted centers worldwide.

You can also participate in Compassion's day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday, June 25, praying for all those who are feeling the effects of this silent tsunami.