Friday, September 19, 2008

February in September

Today I realized that my children aren't the best when it comes to photographing handknits. This should not come as a surprise to me since they are 4 and 6, but one tries to remain hopeful.

This is the February Lady Sweater, which is the adult version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's classic baby sweater. (Not the most flattering angle in this pic, but again - I think I was lucky to actually have my body in the shot at all, considering the photographers.) It is an excellent pattern and I could see myself knitting this again. I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which I have had in my stash for well over a year now and has been started as a few different sweaters and then ripped out. Much to my surprise, I quite like how the Ultra Alpaca knit up in this pattern. I had pretty much convinced myself that it wasn't going to be hefty enough, but I have been proven wrong.

Now if only the temperature would cool down enough to be able to wear my new sweater.