Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Repurposing, or Making Do With What You Have

Two years ago, I knit a cardigan for Natalie. It was a bit big, but children tend to grow a lot in two years so the sleeves were getting short. The yarn, however, was still in great shape. What's a knitter to do? Rip it apart, wind the yarn back up into balls and knit something new with it, of course! So this:
has been transformed into this:
I looked and looked at patterns, hoping to find an easy crochet shrug (since crochet goes so quickly). Alas, I had no luck. I continued my search, though, and came across the Simple Lace Shrug (knit, not crochet) and thought I may have found just what I needed. While it is not written for children's sizes, I was able to adjust the size very easily.
The best part is that Natalie is much happier with her new shrug than she ever was with the original cardigan and I think she will wear it often.