Tuesday, January 02, 2007


After quite an absence, I'm finally home. We were only home for a few days in December, but now all of our travels are over. Technically, that's not true for Greg - he has a few work trips this month, but I don't anticipate traveling anywhere for quite some time.

Our trips were not without incident. In Charlotte, we had a lovely time until the kids and I got sidelined by the flu. We mostly lay in the bed in our hotel room and moaned and cried because we were so miserable. Couldn't eat, could barely get out of the bed, very high fevers and Greg was working non-stop. Actually, it was probably for the best that he wasn't around or he would have gotten sick, too, which would have been bad. The drive home was miserable and the next day, Natalie and I were off to the doctor because in addition to the flu, she had an ear infection and I had a sinus infection. Thank goodness for strong antibiotics and decongestants is all I have to say!

We gave the meds a few days to kick in and drove to Missouri (to Greg's parents') on Christmas Day. We weren't yet totally well, but we were much improved. We had a nice, relaxing visit and came home last night.

While we were there, I had a lovely surprise...my favorite Borg decided to take a road trip to come and see me! Rose has a few pics of our visit up on her blog and I will post some just as soon as I unpack and get them off my camera. It was awesome to finally meet her in person, but our time together was far too short.

I did manage to do quite well for my birthday and Christmas gifts - birthday brought me a new camera and Christmas brought me a new 17" iMac. Believe me, I don't normally get such extravagant gifts, but this year they were both needed. So once I get the new computer all situated and set up, expect to see more pics in the blog!

There has been some knitting while I was gone...but no pics yet. I finished a pair of socks in Charlotte and also knit a new hat. I have knit two kid mittens (but not a pair), two kid scarves, two kid hats, have put a few more reps on Clapotis and am nearly finished with a new sock. Now that I type all of that, I'm quite impressed with myself. Not bad for the holidays and being too sick to knit for over a week.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

How fun to have finally met Rosemary!