Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Age-Old Battle


Bear with me. I'm feeling random today so you get donuts. Well, you don't "get" donuts...though if I could bring each of you your donut of choice today, I would. It's a rainy day here in Nashville and a donut sounds awfully good right now.

Me? I'm a Dunkin' Donuts fan. I did not grow up in the South, so I was not exposed to Krispy Kreme until I moved here. Does Krispy Kreme totally rock the hot glazed donut? YES. (sorry, had to wipe some's like a Pavlovian response.) Oh, and their Pumpkin Spice donut holes in the fall are very tasty. But here's the thing. If I want a donut with icing on it, it should not be a glazed donut. It should be a cake donut. Preferably with sprinkles on it. And Dunkin' Donuts does the cake donut thing very well. Iced (with sprinkles) or powdered. Those are my choices.

Bear claws? Ick. Jelly donuts? Squishy and revolting. Creme-filled? Too much like pudding, again, ick. Eclairs? Nope.

What say you? DD or KK? Favorite type of donut? And spelling, donut? or doughnut?