Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have proof today that there has been some creativity going on this week. Not a lot...but some.

Last night I finished up the bee hive portion of the Bee Fields shawl. I'd show you the whole thing so far, but lace-in-progress just looks like a blob...so here's a close-up. For those who are not knitters, you need to know that when this is finished, it will be washed and blocked (stretched tight and pinned out) - and that is when the magic happens and you can finally see the lace patterns.
This morning I decided to knit up a tiny little swatch with the little bit of yarn I plied a week or so ago. This is on sz 1.5 or 2 needles - I can't remember which:
I did get a little crazy and actually got some scrapbooking stuff out. The page is...meh. I'm rusty. It's fine.
The picture is of me, Christmas 1976 - so I was 3. Clearly, I was all about the Hot Cycle and fuzzy slippers.
Natalie has been a 6-year-old drawing machine lately. We're going through paper like crazy, but she loves it and it keeps her entertained for hours, so who am I to complain? I came in to my desk to find that she had taped this up by my computer yesterday:
It's Pal - Arthur's dog in the Marc Brown "Arthur" stories and show.

I can't wait for tomorrow's entry! I'm doing something new and it's gonna be good...