Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Spin On A Classic

Randy Elrod has this very cool thing going on called Watercooler Wednesday. Essentially it's a blog carnival about things that make your life more creative. (Click here to learn more about it and how to participate.) Since I'm changing things up a little with the ol' blog, I thought I'd start participating. Here goes...

If you have any memory of the '80's and it's music, you are bound to remember this classic from A-ha:

Remember? Great song...the hair...the awesomeness of the video (perhaps more creative than the average music video being done today, despite the classic '80's melodrama)...the overall Norwegian-ness. Good times, 1985, good times.

So fast forward to last week. I was poking around YouTube for the Take On Me video and happened to look at the "Related Videos" in the sidebar, where I stumbled upon this (fast-forward and start it at the 1:30 mark):

Ukulele? playing Take On Me? Odd, yes. What struck me, though, is that the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra would even think to tackle anything other than traditional ukulele music, let alone an '80's classic. Did you notice the crowd's response as soon as they heard the first few notes? Not only did they respond - they participated wholeheartedly. There was creativity and community that night in Wellington.

How often do I try to tackle something outside my comfort zone of skills, giftings and abilities? Not nearly as often as I should. How do I respond to others' attempts at creativity and thinking outside the box? Do I turn my nose up if it's different or am I willing to give it a chance? I would do well to remember that creativity does not have to equal perfection.

How about you?