Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joining Up and Mentioning It

Something Mr. Rogers said in the video I posted yesterday (and read in a book this week as well) really whomped me over the head.

"Anything mentionable is manageable."

I'm guessing we all have some things that we keep in the unmentionable category. Do we keep ourselves from moving forward in those areas simply by not allowing them to be mentioned? I know it is often deeper and more complicated than that, but it makes me wonder. Last night I realized that I have not allowed my frustrations with weight/exercise to be mentionable. There have been exceptions - I haven't totally kept it to myself. There are a few people I commiserate with, but I think I've kept it private so that if I fail, no one has to know. Unfortunately, there's some twisted logic there because I'd say it's obvious to anyone who sees me that there is not a lot of success happening in the weight/exercise department!

I have struggled with the idea of writing this post because it's scary to be honest sometimes - especially when people who you know in real life read your blog. (For example, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Brandi "Fitness" Wilson starts to ask how the exercise is going once she reads this.) But it's time to make changes and Carlos (who I do not know personally) helped nudge me in the right direction. He posted this a few days ago and I intend to join up. I don't see myself running a marathon anytime soon - or anytime at all, more likely - but I can start moving.

So there you have it. I'm overweight and totally not fit and I am going on record today to say that I'm going to do something about it. I'm not exactly sure what, but it will probably involve the treadmill and not very much chocolate. In making this mentionable, I am also inviting you to mention it ask me how it's going, to offer suggestions and whatnot. It's OK to talk about it.

Woah. Now I think I need to go take some deep breaths and repeat the mantra, "it's OK to talk about's OK to talk about it..."